SHENZHEN KECHAODA TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD is founded in 1998.We are a high-tech enterprise which is  professional manufacturer specialized in design, development, manufacturing, sales and service of mobile phones and 3C smart products. At the same time, it is also an enthusiastic public welfare, Social welfare of the disabled enterprises.

SHENZHEN KECHAODA TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD is  not only a strong but also potential enterprises which has self-owned brand. Currently company owns self-owned brands : KECHAO, KECHAODA, MUPHONE, etc. After years of development, Kechaoda has accumulated much and mature experience in R & D and production of mobile phones and 3C smart products, and always adhere the business philosophy of “ Practical, Perfect, High Quality, Best Price.” We are focusing on producing the high quality products and selling to India, Russia, Vietnam, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Africa and more than 30 countries and regions.

Since the beginning , KECHAODA keep contributing the fundamental of the business, step by step ,company keep growing , has passed the  "GB/T19001-2008/ISO9001:2008 QUALITY  MANAGEMENT SYSTEM CERTIFICATE", "National High-tech Enterprise", "Top 100 Industrial Enterprises of Longhua District ","2016-2019 Guangdong Contract-credit enterprises "," GB / T 29490-2013 Intellectual Property Management System Certification ","Executive director of Longhua Federation of industry and Commerce, Top 500 Enterprises of Shenzhen“Shenzhen famous brand”、“The best employer of SMEs of shenzhen in 2018 ”、“The best reputation mobile phone brand of the international market in 2018  ”and other certifications. More over, KECHAODA company never forget to contribute to the community, return back to the society by helping the disabled social community, company was award the“Guangdong province support and assist the disabled advanced collective ”、“The 16th Shenzhen caring action top 10 caring enterprises” "Shenzhen welfare enterprises", "national vocational training base for the disabled" ,“The disabled-helping unit of longhua district”" 2017-2019 Top 500 Philanthropic enterprises in China" "2017-2019 China charity enterprise, “Deputy director general of Longhua Disabled Persons Federation”, “Honorary chairman of Jiedong Disabled Persons Federation”, "help disabled caring enterprise ", “Longhua district staff care for excellent enterprises” And award the "Golden reward of the enterprise " in the "COMMUNITY  ENTREPRENEURS  CUP" disabled public welfare project in Guangdong in 2017. Company was highly praised and praised by Mr. Xu Shaohua, Deputy Director of Guangdong Provincial People's Congress Standing Committee and Honorary Chairman of CDPF.

As a social welfare enterprise, KECHAODA adheres to the social philosophy of "creating a happy life for the underprivileged," and actively shoulders its social responsibility. While focusing on the mobile phone and 3C business, we strongly supports the relief of people with disabilities and provides them with employment opportunities with professional training to help the disables to acquire "skills", to grasp the survival skills of equal employment, to encourage self-improvement and self-reliance, so that disabled persons can truly feel the respect from the community !

KECHAODA supporting employment of disables with love. Since its establishment, branch transport nearly 3000 disabled people as  "technical elite",  disabilities employees with amount for more than 60% of the company, in the future will absorb and train more people in need of help, Commit KECHAODA company to the country's largest, most professional,The specification of  national employment training base for the disabled, and toward standardization development as 【demonstration base 】 , Lead enterprises across the country come to visit us,Forward the 9 years experience of “employment of assistive " to others. Help more enterprise learning, copy the model and experience, to participate in together to help the disabled employment career.

In the future, KECHAODA company will, as always, adhere to the product concept of "practical,Perfect, high quality, low price" and the social responsibility concept of "employment for the  disables" to provide consumers with more and better products and at the same time, Make more contribution for the society.


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